An icon

Unveiled to the world after years of research, Léopoldine takes a bold step: to become the icon of feminine Champagne.

After exploring the Champagne region in order to select the most beautiful terroirs: Montagne de Reims, Coteaux d'Epernay, Côte des Blancs... and surrounded by the best, she has created a smart chic collection.

Free from all dogma, Léopoldine revisits the Champagne codes. Her vision: to revolutionalise the alchemy of fragrances. Her innovative compositions brilliantly combine the flavours of strawberry, star anise, liquorice and white blossoms.

She intends to free Champagne from rococo flourishes and ornaments: timeless, refined, "à la française", she makes her style synonymous with luxury.

Ambassador of the most famous sparkling wine, Léopoldine spreads its notoriety beyond frontiers.

She vows to enter into legend in the name of the most feminine of champagnes.

An icon is born